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For sale: WIN OMC 30ml

OMC or Oxygenated Mineral Concentrate is a highly alkaline and highly concentrated form of Oxygenated, Natural, Alkaline Minerals. It has an abundance of age-fighting anti-oxidants for cellular protection. And with the help of negative ions, balances and fights positive ions from food, water, and the air we breathe. OMC is not only anti-bacterial but will also give you a relieved, refreshed, recharged, and super energized feeling. It will detoxify your body and help with proper absorption of nutrients. Just add a few drops to your drinking water or any beverage to nourish, mineralize, rehydrate, and alkalize your body. Only P350.00 Factory warranty For your orders (Camarines Sur, Philippines only) please contact: eloisa_088@yahoo.com