Hannah Jerusha Rivera Fajardo

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Vintage 1975 Fender Twin Reverb Tube Amp

It's old. It's beautiful. It's a vintage Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier. See it now!

Kembali Coast

Kembali Coast, the first residential-leisure development of its kind in Mindanao, is the perfect tropical getaway. Contact no: 0923-923-0955

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Protection & Savings

12-07-2010 pm 04:32:25

We cover individuals with life insurance products, particularly  whole life products, because we want him and his loved ones to have the funds necessary to take care of his family's financial needs, should he die or be disabled. In its long history, as the Life Insurance market gained maturity, individuals looked to their policies not just for protection against losses due to death, but actually as a financial vehicle for savings. Like money in a bank, your insurance policy delivers cash that you can widraw to cover needs for daily living. Thus, life policies have been marketed more and more as financial instruments for SAVINGS, and later on INVESTMENTS. Money making more money, for the individual's needs when he retires. We don't want erode these funds, and thus we developed other forms of insurance.