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02-22-2011 am 11:56:15

1 box contains 18 sachets that is good for 18 days.

1 sachet = 10g

Leisure 18 slimming coffee is made from scientifically processed Brazilian coffee and natural plant “gamboges fruit” (HCA), which results in a pure, natural, healthy, and safe product. It is not just a common coffee; it is also a slimming product which works amazingly and without any nasty side effects.

How does Leisure 18 slimming coffee work?
Leisure 18 works in two ways:

1. It combines with gastric juices in our stomach to form pectin with a negative electricity, equally distributes gastric juices, and immediately exerts strong ion absorption against fatty digested food. The pectin wraps the fat substances, preventing them from being absorbed by the intestinal wall.

2. Its multi-active substances transform the fats in our body into heated fat cells. This helps to speed up fat reduction and regulate our body’s proper metabolism.

* This product is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing moms, hypertension and person with type 2 diabetes.

18 Gold sachets

With two stickers and hologram effect all over the box.

Intake: 1 sachet 30min to 1 hour before your first meal.



Retail Price: P350

Buy 2 boxes for 340/box only

Big discount for 20 boxes up [WHOLESALE PRICE APPLIED]


*Seller's Personal Feedback*

I tested this product before deciding to sell it. My idea was to sell this coffee ONLY IF it worked for me and I didn't suffer any side effects. I'm not really fat, but my couch/mouse potato lifestyle resulted in a little extra fat here and there. I've tried other slimming products, which unfortunately a) didn't work, b) tasted gross or c) worked well but with side effects.

With Leisure 18, I didn't experience diarrhea, palpitations, and dizziness. I didn't completely lose appetite, unlike with Goodliness which totally eliminated my appetite (resulting in weakness and dizziness because my body didn't get any sustenance which it required to function properly).

I love food and didn't want to lose interest in eating. With Leisure 18, I still got to enjoy my favorite food, but I felt full sooner so I ate less. And because I wasn't starving myself, I didn't gorge on food right after slimming down.
What I loved most about Leisure 18 was that it worked even though I cheated. I rarely have breakfast so there were days when I didn't get to drink Leisure 18, so I ended up spending more than 20 days to finish a box. I also found the taste a little bland after a few days, so I added a bit more instant coffee and creamer to improve the taste. Despite my cheating, my pants got looser after one box. Final result? i weigh 56kls. the first time i took this, and after taking of 2 boxes of it, my weight came down to 48kls. 8 inches off my waistline. I am also now able to wear old pants which became too tight before. So Leisure 18 definitely works!




For Davao City Buyers:

  • * Meet-ups – if you purchase 5 boxes up
  • * Pick-up point – Jacinto St.

Payment Options:

  • * Gcash
  • * Western Union
  • * LBC 
  • * Cebuana Lhuillie
  • * ONB [Mindanao Area]

Shipping Partners:

  • * Air21
  • * 2Go
  • * JRS
  • * FedEx

**Delivery Charges will be shouldered by the buyer :)

ORDER FORM: Click the link:

Contact Details:

* 09217235863 [Smart]

* 09239329149 [Sun]

* 09161667582 [Globe]

* ym:


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