Technouser access card up for grabs!

11-08-2011 am 10:26:57

I am glad for the support I get from my friends and visitors here in my blog, in return I just want to be generous because I think, my blog will not exist without my readers! I woke up really grateful for the blessing I received for the last few months in my life and thanks to those who were there for me when days were not so bright, this year will almost end in less than two months and I am hoping to give an early Christmas gift to those who constantly support me. 

Glitter GraphicsAre you ready for my early Christmas gift today? 

The 4th and the 12th persons who'll comment on this post a positive comment for today in this blog entry. I will give away 2 TECHNOUSER cards of VMOBILE. So, you get to enjoy the same things I am enjoying in terms of mobile loads here in the Philippines. 

The benefit of this card allows you get a discount of 8% to 10% once you load your mobile phone or your family members - FOR ALL NETWORK! This does not happen once but for the next 12 months and the next year to come! I think this is the gift you would love to have and enjoy using.

I want you to avail of this useful items for you to load for yourself and create business linkage with you. I can give you the mechanics and I would love to discuss that with you later, once I see your comments! For now, keep the comments coming because I would love to hear from you! We may even exchange link if you want! More power to all of you! 

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